How the Pyramids Were Built (Pyramid Science Part 2!)

This episode is supported by Skillshare. Hey smart people, so a few weeks ago we made a video about the pyramids, and how, while they are pretty heckin’ impressive, we can trace the evolution of their construction and see the ancient Egyptians using trial and error, and even making a few mistakes, which basically tells […]

Missouri S&T Audiovisual Presentation – Solar Decathlon 2015

>>Jenny: Hello and welcome to Nature’s Next Masterpiece. The Missouri S&T Solar House Design Team takes its role as innovators of net-zero housing with great respect. In this project, we focused on showing how efficient living is both comfortable and appealing to the everyday family.>>Narrator: Each year tons of materials are simply discarded into the […]

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Houses That Are A Dream Come True

What is your dream house like? Is it a luxurious apartment in a high rise building in a posh locality or a small cabin in the woods away from the hustle bustle of city life? Either ways it is the place that reflects your personality and dreams about your life. While you tick the amenities […]

What are Microgrids? | The B1M

With 60% of the human population set to be living in urban areas by 2030 – and pressure on regional and national power grids continuing to grow – a number of cities are now turning towards localised energy production for new developments. As the name suggests, “microgrids” are small scale electrical networks that operate independently, […]

NEOM, The Futuristic Mega City Saudi Arabia Is Planning

[Music] you can look at these ancient hills and see nothing or you can see nothing to hold you back no set ways of thinking no restrictions no divisions no excuses just endless potential this is the blank page you need to write humanity’s next chapter nyan over 25,000 square kilometers of inspiration with room […]

Stevens Computer-Animated Walkthrough – Solar Decathlon 2015

The SURE House Stevens Institute witnessed firsthand the impact of Super-storm Sandy. The SURE House offers a new model of uncompromised coastal living that incorporates at its core both Sustainability and Resilience. The innovative building envelope provides a 90% reduction in energy consumption. The SURE House’s Resilient Power and Heating System produces more energy than […]

3 Ways Elon Musk is Disrupting the Construction Industry | The B1M

Pioneering startups and tech savvy entrepreneurs are disrupting the construction industry like never before. But the stand-out figure in this exciting revolution is undoubtedly Elon Musk. Widely regarded as one of the most ambitious and successful entrepreneurs of recent times, Musk is the man behind Tesla, SpaceX and a whole host of other companies that […]

Amazing Isolated Houses Hidden in the World

– [Narrator] Don’t you ever wish you were rich enough to have a home so isolated it took you hours or even days to get somewhere to buy groceries? Maybe you’re more of the type to surround yourself with groups of people. Whichever you are, you’ll be amazed at how incredibly remote some of these […]

Team NY Alfred Team Interview – Solar Decathlon 2015

>>Female 1: We are the Alfred State College of Technology and Alfred University. We wanted to incorporate a lot of lighting, openness. We have one of the top lots so there’s a big, open view which was one of our main focuses, and we kind of wanted to have a gathering space. So we have […]