Solar Soil Moisture Meter // Becky Stern

Hi, it’s Becky. Today we’re making a solar powered soil moisture monitor. It uses an ESP8266 wifi microcontroller running some low power Arduino code, and everything’s waterproof so it can be left outside. Let’s get started. You’ll need a solar battery charging board and ESP8266 breakout such as the NodeMCU or Huzzah, as well as […]

Arduino GSM Modülü Kümes Sıcaklık Projesi || FireBeetle & Micro Solar Power Manager

Welcome friends. In this video, I have realized a project of a relative I’ve shared all the details and codes. My close sent me the need. They have gardens, they bought new chickens. The weather is getting cold. Are the chickens cold at night? But we have no electricity. How can we learn the warmth […]