Battery Spot Welder (CD Welder) || DIY or Buy

In a previous project video I showed you how to create a battery pack out of 18650 lithium ion batteries. Back, then I utilized a rather riskier and not recommended methods of connecting the battery cells together. By soldering the nickel strips directly to them. This can be dangerous because you heat up the battery […]

Solar Powered Beehives, Take 2

Hi, I’m Jon, and in this video I’m making a major modification to the power I’m running to the electronic sensors in our 2 beehives. In previous videos I showed how I created the electronics box that holds the a raspberry pi and arduino for each beehive, ran the original solar power to them (which […]

Solar power an arduino weather station and mobile phone – Part 5

A 12V/20W solar panel is enough. In this case I use two 10W panels in parallel to provide enough power just pay close attention to the positive and negative connectors… in this case the brown one is the + and the blue the – I’ve drilled a hole to insert the cable inside the plastic […]

Review Solar Panel 10W Arduino & Node-RED – Revision Panel Solar 10W : PDAControl

Some weeks ago I posted a Dashboard in Emoncms if you want to see the full dashboard It is in the description of the video Test with white light “led” We will validate the tests with Arduino In previous tutorials we made Voltage measurements with Arduino Accurate and safe Arduino sends data to Node-RED by […]

Collin’s Lab: Solar

Right now – energy radiating from the sun is making me sweat Fortunately solar power technology allows me to also use the sun’s energy to cool off a bit. Your move … sun. Right – anyway! Solar panels were first used to power satellites back in the 1950s, but since then they’ve become much more […]

Arduino GSM Modülü Kümes Sıcaklık Projesi || FireBeetle & Micro Solar Power Manager

Welcome friends. In this video, I have realized a project of a relative I’ve shared all the details and codes. My close sent me the need. They have gardens, they bought new chickens. The weather is getting cold. Are the chickens cold at night? But we have no electricity. How can we learn the warmth […]

#142 Solar Power for the ESP8266, Arduino, etc.

Grüezi YouTubers. Here is the guy with the Swiss accent. With a new episode around sensors and microcontrollers. We all have our gadgets, and all of them need some electricity. Usually, we use batteries or a power supply. Today I will start a small project to use solar energy to power our devices during the […]

Small Solar Power Setup (For electric bike charging)

Electric vehicles, such as electric bikes, are becoming more more popular but is it viable to charge electric vehicles from solar power? everyone knows what solar panels are, but what I want to do is build a small scale solar panel setup that’ll be useful for charging my electric bike as well as possibly powering […]

Cheap 5V solar panel power test

In this video we go to test this cheap Chinese solar panel. Item size is 26 x 14 cm Weight is only 102 g and it’s very thin (about 1 mm) Panel contains voltage regulator which output should be 5V Maximal output current shoud be 1,2 A Let’s test the voltage Open-circuit voltage is 5.06 […]