Solar Panel Companies in East El Paso & Horizon | Solar Maxx Inc.

Solar Panel Company in East El Paso & Horizon City | Solar Panel Installation by Solar Maxx Inc. are you tired of paying thousands of dollars to The Electric Company with no return on your investment with solar max a local El Paso solar company you can save thousands of dollars in electrical bills by […]

Are Solar Panels Worth It ? Watch This Video To Find Out

Are Solar Panels Worth It Watch This Video To Find Out Are Solar Panels Worth It YES THEY ARE We will show how they save you thousands of dollars in energy bills – so please watch the video for instructions. How Can I Start Using Green Energy Yes, Solar Panels are a very good way […]

Are Solar Panels Worth It? You Won’t Believe Alan’s Story About His Solar Installation!

So, Are Solar Panels Worth it? In short, yes! This is Alan’s Solar Story. Hello my name is Alan Norman and I live here in Huntington Beach and today Semper Solaris is installing solar on my home. The reason I’m going with solar is the new rates have increased quite significantly August obviously air conditioners […]


We finally did it y’all. Solar panels! Hey y’all! Welcome back to my YouTube channel, where I show you how to effectively use smart technology, vegan food, and sustainable travel & lifestyle habits to live an adventurously green life. In this video, I’m sharing with you that we finally got solar panels. Our last update […]

Solar Company Reviews: If You’re Ready to Install Solar Panels You NEED to Hear Bill’s Story

Solar Company Reviews by Bill My name is Bill and we’re here in Culver City in our new house 2 years ago since moving to California we’ve been consuming almost $350 per month in power costs Semper Solaris solar system we expect to make all of that energy and offset that monthly power cost and […]

Should I Get Solar Panels for my New Custom Home?

Hi my name is Pedro, president of Sunset Homes. Today we are with Tyler and we’re gonna be talking about solar panels. We’ve had a lot of questions about solar panels, you know they’ve come down in price so much in the last 10 years. There’s a lot of rebates from the government now out […]

Do Not Go Solar if You Do Not Want To Save Money – solar panels for home – Solar Power

– All right, so we’re gonna talk about solar. – Fantastic. – This is John. John’s been with SunPower for a number of years, and actually been in the solar industry for going on nine years. – That’s right. – So congrats. – Thank you very much. – Almost a decade in. – Yep. – […]

Solar an Investment for Savings – solar power investment – good investment

RAY BYERS JR. My grandparents, my parents, as they start getting closer to retirement that’s kind of one of the things they want right? We want to have the house almost paid for. The utility at a rate that I know that I can afford from here to perpetuity. When ever that end date is […]

Why Solar Panel Makers Are Actually Like Steel Companies

Nick Sciple: Can you talk a little bit about the dynamic between the tech-focused cutting-edge panel manufacturers vs. what you’re seeing from some of the more commodity-focused manufacturers like Junko Solar? What should investors think about when deciding where they should allocate their cash between those two broad categories of panel makers? Jason Hall: There’s […]

[HOT 2014!!] How To Save on Electric Bill – Ways To Save Energy

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