Volvo Electric Revolution | Beyond Imagens de Marca

In Portugal and around the world, Volvo is experiencing a fascinating time in terms of sales and product. Since we launched in 2015 the new XC90 was when we restructured the brand, restructured the product, we restructured our entire philosophy, we reaped the results of our efforts. of our strategy and commitment. We renew the […]

Extraterrestrials and Demons are they the same? 👽😇👹

When you study the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials it’s not long before you run into the comments that aliens are in fact demons and they are here to further the agenda of their lord and master Satan. I have for the longest time been avoiding this question but now I feel it is time […]

Новый СВЕТ | Овощи в Антарктике и космические теплицы | URBAN ELECTRIC (eng, rus sub)

Scientists of Saint Petersburg have come up with the idea of how to feed dwellers of North with vegetables and greens made locally. Plants don’t need usual soil. Such greenhouses already give plentiful harvest in the most northern parts of the country. In the Institute for Agricultural physics, they have discovered how to grow vegetables […]

Fastned. Freedom for electric drivers.

The way we move has always been changing… …and now… …we are entering the age of the electric vehicle. Car makers are going all-in… To power all these new cars, the world needs reliable fast charging stations. To give drivers the freedom to go anywhere. We are Fastned; one of the leading fast charging companies… […]

What Are The Benefits Of An Electric Car?

What are the benefits of an electric car? There are many benefits, and we made it easy for you to switch. We are electrifying our entire fleet of cars. The cars are connected, making life easier. They are fun to drive with quick acceleration and great handling. Noise and vibrations are reduced while driving in […]


Hello Hello Michael How are you? I’m doing fine We will run out of gas Yes, but they don’t know it yet We are going to Tartu to visit Lange Motokeskus, is this right Lars? Yes we are going to Lange Motokeskus to drive with go-karts There is the biggest indoor go-kart track, which is […]

Solar Powered Charger

Fridays are all something we can appreciate. In less than nine minutes, you`ll see just how much we`ve appreciated them through the years. I`m Carl Azuz. Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. All right, charging stations. They popped up in officers, airline terminals, parking lots for electric cars. MIT workers in the research company had been […]


Let’s go! Hi guys, i’m Matteo Valenza and Today we’re going to make a Range test Today we are going with Hyundai ioniq to carpi to test Ionity charging station Look how cute ionity stations are 🙂 we should be able to charge at 100kw, let’s see I click the QR, and nothing happen From […]

H55 The Future of Electric Aviation – Recruitment

Hello, everyone. We are constantly looking for new people. Our organization is growing. We’re about close to 30 now. We want and have to be 50 next year before we really start developing production of what will come inside this airplane, electric propulsion system. So we need engineers. In fact, it’s interesting because we need […]

Xgirl Nerf War: Electric Girl helping Cherry & X Girl Nerf Guns Criminal Group

This life has no meaning at all Mom and Dad I’m sorry . What are you guys doing to me? Stay away . We have some fun Stay away . Why are you so nervous? Stop your hand What the hell are you guys doing? What are you guys doing? white girl so beautiful Are […]