Kim Jong-un vows to make North Korea ‘world’s strongest nuclear power’

North Korea is giving itself a pat on the back for its latest ballistic missile launch. Proudly touting its defense-related achievements on state-run TV for the first time,… Kim Jong-un vowed to make North Korea the strongest nuclear power in the world. Park Hee-jun with more. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has vowed to make […]

S. Korea’s nuclear reactor APR1400 wins approval for use in U.S.

South Korea’s new light water nuclear reactor has become the first foreign reactor to earn certification for use in the U.S. Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company announced Tuesday that U.S. regulators have certified the design, known as the Advanced Power Reactor-1400. That certification is expected to give Korea’s nuclear power plants a competitive advantage, […]

Activity at North Korea nuclear reactor spotted by satellite

Newly released satellite imagery of North Korea shows concerning activity at one of its nuclear reactors. With a landmark meeting with the U.S. in May, such development is likely to unnerve observers, but experts warn against jumping to conclusions. Kwon Jang-ho explains further. Western researchers have released a report which suggests that preliminary testing has […]

In-depth: Global market wrap-up

it’s time now for an in-depth look at the global markets this afternoon and for that I’m joined on the line by mr. Daniel you global strategist that you want to Security’s mister you thank you as always for coming on thank you very much for having me always now stocks on Wall Street closed […]

Committee set to announce its decision on whether to scrap nuclear reactor construction

We should have a clearer idea about the future of nuclear energy in the nation in the coming hours. A committee — asked to canvass public opinion on the government’s plan to permanently halt construction of the Shin Kori 5-and-6 reactors in Ulsan — will have their say at ten AM, Korea time, in less […]

Japan may have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into sea: Environment minister

Strong backlash is expected from Japan’s neighbors, following a controversial remark by a Japanese official, who claimed that there is no other way to dispose radioactive water leaks from the Fukushima power plant other than to discharge them in the ocean. According to local media, Japanese Environment Minister Yoshiaki Harada told reporters on Tuesday that […]

New nuclear activity spotted at North Korea’s nuclear reactor site

As preparations continue for the summits with North Korea,… analysts have detected new activity at the regime’s main nuclear complex. Recent satellite imagery suggests a reactor has been powered up after years of construction work. That’s an issue that would likely be brought up by President Trump in his talks with Kim Jong-un. Park Hee-jun […]

Russia secretly offered N. Korea nuclear power plant should the regime give up nuclear weapons

Russia has reportedly offered to provide North Korea with a nuclear power plant should the regime give up its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles The Washington Post reported citing US officials that Moscow made the secret proposal last fall in an attempt to solve the deadlock between Pyongyang and Washington the report added as part […]

Korea’s latest nuclear reactor model approved for European market

South Korea may get a big boost to its nuclear power business. EU regulators approved Seoul’s latest model of nuclear reactor for the European market. More exports of such plants could help offset the business the local industry could lose… as Korea moves to reduce its dependency on nuclear power at home. Lee Unshin files […]

S. Korea seeks international cooperation to deal with radioactive Fukushima water

Amid growing concerns that Japan might discharge contaminated water from its wrecked Fukushima power plant into the ocean,… South Korea is taking the issue to the international level to find the best possible solution. Meanwhile, Tokyo’s foreign ministry claims no decision has been made on how to dispose of the wastewater. Kim Min-ji updates us […]