Court to rule on fate of public debate committee on nuclear energy

A local court is set to determine the fate of a public debate commission, that was launched by the Moon Jae-in administration,… to decide on whether or not to permanently halt the construction of two nuclear reactors in the southeastern city of Ulsan. Scholars and union members of the country’s nuclear governing body had filed […]

Nuclear security watchdog gives green light for construction of two nuclear power plants

Korea’s nuclear security watchdog have approved plans to build two nuclear power plants in the southern port city of Ulsan. The Shin-Kori… units five and six are expected to be completed by 2021 and 2022 respectively,… bringing the number of reactors in Korea to 30. The project will cost seven-and-a-half billion U.S. dollars. The reactors […]

North Korea pushing to have U.S. recognize regime as nuclear power

North Korea is continuing to celebrate the “historic completion” of its nuclear arsenal… and is also pushing to earn full recognition from other nations… as a member of the nuclear club. However, according to the latest analysis of last Wednesday’s missile test,… U.S. officials now say the North Korean rocket… likely broke up during re-entry. […]

2019.10.14 12:00 NEWS Headlines

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S. Korea’s oldest nuclear power plant shut down

Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor was shut down permanently on Sunday after 40 years in operation. The Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation said the Kori-1 reactor in the southeastern city of Busan… continues to cool down after it was disconnected from the power grid yesterday. The Kori-1 started commercial operations in 1978… with a lifespan […]

Korea exports nuclear reactor technology to Europe for first time

Korea’s nuclear reactor technology has moved into the European market for the first time. The nation’s science ministry said Tuesday… that a local consortium has won a bid to upgrade a nuclear reactor that is being used for research purposes at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The 26-million dollar deal is led […]

Russia suspends nuclear energy cooperation with U.S.

In the latest sign of their deteriorating relations,… Russia says it’s halting cooperation with the United States in the nuclear energy sector. A suspension decree, signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, was posted on the Russian government’s website on Wednesday. It explained the decree was a “countermeasure” to Washington’s violation of their agreement… after the […]

Kim Jong-un vows to make North Korea ‘world’s strongest nuclear power’

North Korea is giving itself a pat on the back for its latest ballistic missile launch. Proudly touting its defense-related achievements on state-run TV for the first time,… Kim Jong-un vowed to make North Korea the strongest nuclear power in the world. Park Hee-jun with more. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has vowed to make […]

S. Korea’s nuclear reactor APR1400 wins approval for use in U.S.

South Korea’s new light water nuclear reactor has become the first foreign reactor to earn certification for use in the U.S. Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company announced Tuesday that U.S. regulators have certified the design, known as the Advanced Power Reactor-1400. That certification is expected to give Korea’s nuclear power plants a competitive advantage, […]

Korea turns to solar modules and marine plants for alternative energy source

Amid peaking power usage in Korea in light of record high temperatures… companies and researchers are increasingly looking to renewable and sustainable energy – an alternative energy source. Our Kim Jiyeon takes a closer look at some of those efforts… for our IT&Science Front this week. The scorching summer heat can easily force anyone to […]