QESST for solar power to feed an energy hungry world – Science Nation

♪ MUSIC ♪ MILES O’BRIEN: The sun works hard on this desert campus. CHRISTIANA HONSBERG: We get 50 percent of the total electricity load during peak days from solar. MILES O’BRIEN: With support from the National Science Foundation, Arizona State University electrical engineer Christiana Honsberg directs “Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies”–or QESST. They’re tackling […]

“American Energy Potential: A Saudi Arabia of Clean Energy” by Van Jones

This presentation is brought to you by Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, and a generous investment by Julie Ann Wrigley. What I want you to understand going forward is that we have the biggest opportunity that we’ve ever had for jobs. And here’s why. Math. Not ideology on the left […]