This Is How Asia Will End in 2020

– [Announcer] I’m Kento Bento. – [Kento] This video is made possible by Curiosity Stream. By signing up at the link in the description you’ll also get access to my upcoming Nebula original about one of the most shocking murder cases in Chinese history, but more on that at the end. Now, our last video […]

S. Korea and Mekong countries seek mutual growth through Korea’s economic growth experience

now ahead of the upcoming korea-asean summit we are going to turn to the final part of our special five-part series to take a closer look at South Korea’s economic ties with the so-called Mekong countries even some reports the Mekong countries of Vietnam Cambodia Laos Thailand and Myanmar have had ties with regional powers […]

Economic potential of five ASEAN countries along Mekong River

for part four of our special five-part series ahead of the ASEAN meetings taking place in Busan early next week we are going to take a closer look at the economic bloc formed around the Mekong River the five countries that the world famous river runs through are being looked again as really attractive markets […]

ASEAN explained in 5 minutes

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations – ASEAN for short, is an association that today consists of 10 Southeast Asian states. In 1967, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia founded ASEAN. The aim was to improve economic, political and social cooperation. Another objective was to balance political conflicts between these countries that existed as […]