1960s Electric Chainsaw [Restoration] (Part 2 of 2)

Stairs…they are always up to something… 3000 grit Checking electrical continuity using continuity setting Checking all bars beside and opposite each other on the commutator Resistance should be the same across everything Checking commutator to armature resistance No continuity is ideal Checking continuity in field windings and stator Just kidding! Unnecessary amount of a clear […]

1960s Electric Chainsaw [Restoration] (Part 1 of 2)

This was made by the Strunk Mfg. Co. in the 1960s It has a powerful 26 amp motor and seems to be fairly rare Green versions were made for the U.S. Army The first chainsaws ever made were electric. Left-hand thread Bearings feel “crunchy” Lead test- black means lead Moderate lead levels Paint stripper What […]

Space Heater Sound to Sleep Well 10 Hours Fan Heater Electric Heater Noise

Hello everyone! For this weeks 10 hour long white noise sleep video We set up this small electric heater that I purchased at a yard sale for two dollars. Directly in front of the heater I’ve placed my Go Pro Once we start filming I’m going to turn out the lights so you can see […]

1930s Electric Shear [Restoration]

Penetrating oil. Let it soak for a while. Keeping track of the wires Let this soak longer This may be tough to get off… Hammer fixes everything! Mud wasp nest This tool must have recently been wet due to all the bright orange rust Bearing sounds like it needs replacing This bearing also needs replacing. […]

Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Update For October 12, 2019

The story of the first confirmed interstellar comet, comet C/2019 Q4, or now designated 2I/Borisov, continues to develop. Unlike Oumuamua which was caught on its way out of the solar system leaving not much time for study, Borisov is on its way in and the observations are well under way already, with more planned for […]

10 Unsettling Solar System Possibilities

While decades of solar system exploration has answered many of humanity’s questions about the nature and formation of this star system, with in depth study comes even more mysteries and odd possibilities. Some of them are intriguing and strange, and some of them are outright unsettling. So here are ten of the most unsetling Solar […]

Home Alone with my Dog at the Log Cabin, ASMR Tapping Trees, Off Grid Refrigeration

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