Brad Pitt Speaks with NASA Astronaut Nick Hague Aboard the International Space Station

Station, this is Houston. Are you ready for the event? Houston this is station. I am ready for the event. Brad Pitt, this is Mission Control Houston. Please call station for a voice check. Station, this is Brad. How do you hear me? Hey Brad, this is Nick. I’ve got you loud and clear. Welcome […]

How Space Triggers Herpes in Astronauts

There’s really no good way to say this, so I’m just gonna go for it: an unexpected consequence of spaceflight is herpes. A research team has unveiled interesting results about the presence of herpes in astronauts that not only shed light on human health in space, but also tell us some important things about the […]

How Long Could You Survive Cut Off From Earth?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. Or is it? It is! Or is it? Back when I first joined the Life Noggin universe, things were kinda… cramped. It was basically just me and my friends in a big ol’ room. When I told my animator I needed some more space, well, I got all this! […]

The Van Allen Belts Are Lethal, This Is How Astronauts Fly Through Them

There’s an invisible, magnetic force field surrounding our planet, protecting us from harmful solar wind that could annihilate Earth. But, this protective blanket is also a swirling ring full of deadly radiation. And to leave Earth’s atmosphere, astronauts have to pass through it. The Van Allen belts are rings of energetically charged particles that have […]

So You Want to go to Mars?

[MUSIC] [MUSIC] Congratulations! Your application to be among the next generation of astronauts has been accepted! You’ve proven to have the right stuff. As a member of the newest astronaut class, you’re going to take trips farther and longer than any astronaut before you. An asteroid. Maybe even Mars, which means you could be up […]