Brown Dwarfs: Crash Course Astronomy #28

The sky, we now know, is full of stars AND planets. Stars are massive enough to fuse hydrogen into helium in their cores, generating energy. The heat created by that process tries to expand them, but their gravity balances that outward force, creating an equilibrium. Planets, even gas giants like Jupiter, are far too small […]

Solar System/Solar System Song/Planet Song/Dwarf Planets Song

There are eight planets in our solar system There are eight planets in our solar system CERES: Wait wait wait wait, you guys had your chance in the spotlight! It’s time to talk about the dwarf planets in our solar system! Hit it, guys There are five dwarf planets in our solar system and we […]

What Color Is The Moon?

[MUSIC] What color is the moon? I asked you all this question and got some very interesting answers. Silver like aluminum white, like the color of clouds Chalky, like ash silver, kind of like an old coin gray like pavement silver like your mother’s hair milky chalk gray like a used eraser white, like a […]

Can We Launch Nuclear Waste Into the Sun? Why This is a Terrible Idea

When I look at the Sun, I don’t see a warm life-giving orb, nourishing all living creatures here on Earth. No, I see that fiery ball as a cosmic garbage compactor. A place I can dump all my household garbage, to make room for new impulse purchases. I mean, the Sun is right there, not […]

Seasons and the Sun: Crash Course Kids 11.1

[INTRO MUSIC] Winter, spring, summer, fall, Seasons, I just love them all. Other than inspiring me to make up goofy poetry, why wouldn’t you love the seasons? There’s always something to look forward to! You already know that summer means long days of fun in the sun, and winter means shorter days. Not to mention […]

The Story of Apollo 11 and the First Men on the Moon: the Moon Landing for Kids – FreeSchool

You’re watching FreeSchool! Mission Control: That’s 15 seconds, guidance is internal. 12, 11, 10, 9, ignition sequence start… 6… 5…4… 3… 2… 1… zero. All engines running. We have a liftoff! Liftoff on Apollo 11! Astronauts: Four forward, drifting to the right a little. 30 seconds. Contact light. Okay, engine stop. Tranquility base here. The […]

★ The Biggest MONSTER Stars – Compared to our Sun

Earth, the third planet from the sun. With a equatorial diameter of 12,756 km, or 7,926 miles it`s the fifth largest planet in the solar system. But still, it`s a speck compared to the Sun. It makes up as much as 99,8 % of the total mass of the Solar System and it is so […]