Alien Biosphere Evolution #6: Size and the Modularity of Life

When it comes to the evolution of life on Earth or other planets the general rule is that: Probabilities decrease with increasing specificity. The more specific a life form, the less likely it is that it will evolve naturally. A humanoid being, for instance, though often the staple of science fiction, may actually be relatively […]

How Slime Mold Is Tackling Mysteries of Cosmology | SciShow News

[♪ INTRO] One of the best ways to solve problems in science can be, well, borrowing from other kinds of science—because there are often surprising connections between disciplines that seem totally unrelated. Sometimes, though, these connections can go from unrelated to like, far-fetched. Like, that can’t be a thing! Like, say, slime molds predicting the […]

The Big Bang – and what it sounds like | MDR DOK

Seit Anbeginn der Menschheit schauen wir ehrfürchtig in den Sternenhimmel und fragen: Was erwartet uns da draußen? Der Fortschritt hat uns mehr Antworten gegeben, als wir je zu träumen wagten. Mit jedem Schritt weiter, mit jeder Grenze, die wir überschreiten, um den Sternen näher zu kommen, gibt uns das Weltall neue Rätsel auf. Das ist […]

Exploring the TRAPPIST-1 System

Earlier in this series we talked about astrobiology, and we mentioned that we have discovered hundreds of exoplanets, which are planets outside of our solar system. Now let’s get a closer look at a particularly fascinating system of exoplanets, those belonging to the star TRAPPIST-1. Trappist-1 is a red dwarf star that is just a […]

How Jupiter’s Moons Showed Us the Speed of Light

[INTRO ♪] Today, we know that light travels through a vacuum at a specific speed, and we even know what that speed is. In fact, we also know that the speed of light is not just any number. It’s the fastest anything can travel in the universe—the universal speed limit. But it wasn’t always obvious […]

Ciência em Si – O mensageiro de fora do Sistema Solar!

Do we already know all the mysteries of the universe? The answer is a clear no. Well, in this walk of knowledge, just imagine when we receive the first asteroid from outside our solar system. Imagine how crazy that would be, huh? And this was the case with Oumuamua, which is our topic today. I’m […]

Astronomers Just Discovered the Biggest Explosion Ever

[ intro ] Ever since 2016, astronomers have been puzzling over a strange feature in the galaxy cluster Ophiuchus that no one could quite explain. It looked kind of like a crater in the gas surrounding one of the galaxies near the middle of the cluster. No one knew what to make of that. But […]

Earth Has Captured A New Mini Moon!

One of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights we can experience here on Earth is when we look up in the night sky, and the Moon is there: full, bright and as round as they can be. But what if we come to a day when we will look at two of these? Is this […]

This Massive Black Hole Is Blasting a Jet at 99% the Speed of Light

In April of 2019, astronomers revealed they had successfully taken the first picture ever of a black hole. Well, you know, the black hole’s silhouette at least, since it’s impossible to take a photo of a black hole itself without crossing the event horizon and getting spaghetti-fied. Now, astronomers have announced that the same black […]

Hubble Spotted New Evidence That Dark Matter Is “Cold”

Cosmologists know that dark matter must exist. If it didn’t, the rate galaxies spin would tear them apart— so there must be something unaccounted for generating the gravity that’s holding them together. Something that doesn’t interact with regular matter in any other way that we’ve detected yet. What exactly that something is, is anyone’s guess—and […]