Astronomers Captured Our Sun in the Highest Resolution Ever | SciShow News

[♪ INTRO] When you think about highlights of the night sky, you’re probably not thinking about the Sun. But depending on where you are in the world, the Sun can create some of the most dramatic displays out there. Near the poles, charged particles from the Sun create incredible light shows called auroras, also known […]

The Hydrologic and Carbon Cycles: Always Recycle! – Crash Course Ecology #8

Adorable story alert! So I was hanging out with my 2-year-old second cousin in the ocean in Florida and we’re jumping up and down with the waves and it’s fun but then the water got all calm and I said, “Oh, no more waves!,” because, like, that’s the top tier of communication I’m going for […]

Will Climate Change Stop If We Stop Emitting Carbon Tomorrow? | Hot Mess 🌎

Imagine that aliens landed and gifted us a clean, limitless energy source. And instead of killing each other over this technology, we decided to immediately transform the world into a carbon-free society. [animation shows closing drilling rigs, oil refineries, and coal and natural gas plants.] This wonderous source would power our homes, industries, cars and […]

“A Carbon Tax: Calculating the Cost of Fossil Fuels to Society” by James Hansen

This presentation is brought to you by Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, and a generous investment by Julie Ann Wrigley. The problem is that energy is very useful. And people want to raise their standard of living, including places like India and China. And they have every right to do […]

How Long Could You Survive on Other Planets?

As far as we know, Earth is the only place in our solar system where humans can survive without a spacesuit. So if we ventured outside the cushy confines of our home, how long would we live on the other planets? Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, is actually not the hottest of the […]

Turns Out, Spiders Use Electricity to Fly

[♩INTRO] So you’re walking along, minding your own business, when you notice something out of the corner of your eye and look up. That’s when you see thousands upon thousands of spiders on long silk balloons falling from the sky all at once. You’ve just witnessed one of the most incredible,and terrifying, natural phenomena on […]

‘Hey Bill Nye, Is There a Conspiracy to Cover Up Agricultural Climate Change?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Batman: Hello Bill. I’m Batman and I’m a big fan. My question to you is why isn’t the agricultural sector especially with the cows being addressed with global warming with as much media attention as oil companies seeing as it is actually the biggest factor affecting global warming. At this day and age do you […]

What if Earth Was Hit by a Giant Solar Flare?

[♪ INTRO] Every now and then, you’ll hear a story on the news about a new solar storm. They happen all the time, but they’re usually not intense enough to affect Earth beyond some neat light shows around the poles. But sometimes, they can be really powerful, and they have the potential to wreak all […]

The First Results Are in From NASA’s Closest Flyby of the Sun

The Parker Solar Probe team is kind of blowing everyone away with some unprecedented findings about the behavior of our sun, solar wind and the star’s peculiar magnetic field. Since its launch in 2018, the Parker Solar Probe has been busy collecting data to help answer some of the biggest unsolved mysteries about the star […]

Four Spheres Part 2 (Hydro and Atmo): Crash Course Kids #6.2

Remember when we were putting together the puzzle that is our life that hates use i know mayir. Using the four spheres as giant pieces Well, we got pretty far last time, but we’re not done yet. Oh, no That’s because in addition to the geosphere and the biosphere which we talked about last [time] […]