Nuclear Power: Fission Basics to Breeder Reactors – TR2016c 3h35m55s28f

Let’s take a peek at a future powered by nuclear! This is a little weird. We can radically cut climate change emissions and leave a safe clean world for the future. We don’t need to invent anything new! We just need to stop wasting time with distractions like nuclear power. Come on! Let’s build the […]

How to Power the World With Nuclear Waste | Nat Geo Live

I’m here because I’m designing a type of nuclear reactor that can run entirely on nuclear waste.It’s able to consume the waste.So it actually turns it intoa clean and carbon-free source of electric power.We started developing this designfor a nuclear reactor that can consume the existing stockpilesof nuclear waste, of used nuclear fuel.And we started […]

JAPAN after FUKUSHIMA: crazy about NUCLEAR power… again? – VisualPolitik EN

This video is made possible by BLINKIST. The first hundred people go to BLINKIST.COM/VisualPolitik are going to get unlimited access for one week to try out. Also get 25% off the full membership. More about that later for now… let´s get on with it. Japan is the country with the greatest reason to be scared […]