How did Pacific Solar help save BidFood $1.6 million in energy costs at their Dandenong facility?

(music) (drilling) – [Austin] Today we’re at the cold-storage facility in Dandenong, which is just on the outskirts of Melbourne. The job here today is a 210 kilowatt system, 532 LG 400 watt panels – they’re the high-efficiency, premium panels on the market. Paired that up with seven Fronius inverters. It all ties into the […]

How did Bidfoods Melbourne overcome the commercial solar installation challenges to maximise ROI?

(motivational music) – Today we’re at Bidfood in Truganina which is in the western side of Melbourne. They’re a cold storage facility they food distribution. They’re a national based business that have got facilities like this all over the country. (motivational music) It’s 270 kilowatt site, there’s 684 LG 400 watt panels and we’ve paired […]