World’s biggest solar car race underway in Australia

3000km from Darwin to Adelaide, with no source of power but the sun. That’s the challenge facing over 40 teams taking part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The event got underway on Sunday and is currently being led by Team Twente from the Netherlands in their car “Red One”. The race was first held […]

Nuclear Power in the Australian Context

♪ doof doof ♪ sik drops, yo MAN: Nuclear power is an incredibly powerful source of electricity in use by many countries around for the world for over 60 years But “nuclear” has always been kind of a dirty word with negative connotations that bring to memory large scale environmental disasters like Chernobyl and the […]

Nuon Solar Team, WSC Day 2

Good morning everyone, Welcome on race 2 of the World Solar Challenge. Today we start the second day of the race with a lead of about half an hour. I will be your driver today, and I’m very excited! On the background you can see we are already powering up Nuna7. We’ve already captured some […]

Australia’s first electric jet ski

We’ve shown the first prototype of our electric jet ski and the next step for the REV Project because we’ve been converting electric cars for a number of years now. Everybody likes jet skis but then the course everybody hates just jet skis because of the pollution and noise and with this electric jet ski […]