Introduction to commercial solar power

Hi, my name is Dan Stojanovic. I’m the general manager of LJW Solar. A business should look at commercial solar because of the great return on the investment. The numbers, as I’ve said in the past, the numbers don’t lie. If you’re a small business you can get substantial returns and you can also save. […]

Renewable Energy Day 2012 Canberra – Environment Minister

the capital region has been charted as an untapped market kilometers of lands that could be a major provide a for renewable energy without environment minister a whole lot of potential for solar power wean pallav and electric vehicles project on track expects project commence construction and in the polls heartbeat approvals early next year […]

I Converted an Old Van into a Cozy Home on Wheels! (Campervan Conversion & Tour)

– Hey there, guys. My name is Jordan, and this is my home. (soft electronic music) She’s a 1986 Toyota HiAce with a pop top roof, and as of two and a half weeks ago, it is now my full time home and office on wheels. So, in this video, I wanted to show you […]


My name is Annemiek, I am 22 years old and I am from the Noordoostpolder. I am responsible for the aerodynamics and I am a racer. Why am I participating in the World Solar Challenge? I think it is an awesome project and I have thought so for a long time. It has been a […]

Power to the people

Well when it comes to cutting the cost of electricity, the South Australian town of Port Pirie is leading the way. It’s created the country’s first-ever Community Power Network and it’s slashing bills and literally giving the power back to the people. The scheme is the brainchild of a very innovative little council and now […]

Snowy Mountains (Snowies), Australia

The Snowy Mountains, sometimes nicknamed the Snowies, are a region of New South Wales in Australia in the south east of the state. The highest region in Australia and one of the cooler areas of New South Wales, they are notable for their ski-fields and are the centre of snow sports in New South Wales. […]

LJW Solar – suppliers of components for stand alone power

As an established installer, we are also designers, manufacturers and importers of many components. Some of these are not commonly available, for example we are industry leaders in ground mount systems, pole mount systems, and trackers. We also carry stock of panels, inverters, and our own custom designed framing system with a wind rating of […]

Geoscience Australia Overview

Australia is a nation richly endowed with abundant natural resources, vast territories, and an innovative entrepreneurial spirit. It also faces complex challenges from energy and water security to managing the natural environment and improving the resilience of communities to natural disasters. Geoscience Australia is the custodian of Australia’s geological and geospatial knowledge, and it plays […]

Nuclear Australia – Energy Freedom by Dr. Ben Heard

the sort of framework I’m getting illustrate for you is an evolution of environmentalism termed ecomodernism and that’s the school of thought that I probably now lie closer to that environmentalism per se so I want to talk about how plentiful clean energy unlocks human potential because it certainly certainly does we’re actually going to […]

Australian Nuclear Responsibilities – Ben Heard

I want to tell you a little bit about the current situation with nuclear technology here in Australia. The first thing to tell you is that Australia prohibits the use of nuclear energy. Under section 140A of our Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, a minister must not approve one of several things, all of […]