What Is a Power Plant?

Today, we’re going to look at what a Power Plant is, different types, and why automation is important in the Power Plant business. Here at RealPars, we love making videos that help you to discover new and exciting topics, so if you enjoy viewing this video as much as we enjoyed making it, click the […]

GIANT 3D Printers Make Ten Houses in Only a Day!

Looking for your dream home? Just press print. You know, I love 3D printing. I’ve talked about it a lot, in fact the second episode ever of Fw:Thinking was about 3D printing. And it was pretty thorough. But I’ve got to talk about it some more, so here’s a way to catch up. It’s also […]

How to Build a Dyson Sphere – The Ultimate Megastructure

Human history is told by the energy we use. At first we had to use our muscles, then we learned to control fire. We industrialized the world using coal and oil and entered the Atomic Age when we learned how to split a nucleus. At each step, we increased our energy harvest to a scale […]

Why there are twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs

Twice as many. In 2016, more than 130,000 people worked as solar installers in the US, while 51,000 worked in coal mining. So, what happened? First, solar panels got a lot cheaper. Ten years ago, rooftop solar systems were more than twice as expensive as they are today. The price drop in the earlier years […]