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– Hey everyone, thanks for joining me here today on Teslanomics LIVE. I’m your host Ben Sullins and what we do is we take a look at the biggest news about Tesla over the past week or the EV industry, your related companies and those kinds of things, as well as answer some of your […]

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– Hey what’s up everyone, thanks for joining me here today on Teslanomics Live, I’m your host Ben Sullins, and what we do here is we take a look at the previous week’s news related to Tesla, or other things similar to them, like the solar industry or the EV industry as a whole, and […]

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– New data suggests that Tesla batteries are gonna last almost 25 years, basically forever. Back in April I shared some data about Tesla battery degradation. There are some users that have been updating this Google Doc file for quite a while now and so we have some surprising new findings related to this data. […]

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(gentle music) – So I figured out how to charge my Tesla for 25 bucks a month. Let me show you how. Hey, I’m Ben Salinger. Welcome to Teslanomics, the show where I decode the data behind Tesla, a company that’s really changing our world. And today I’m excited because I have data about using […]