Perfect Christmas/outdoor solar string lights review, these lights are bright and easy to install

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel Handy Noah! Right now is about 8 p.m. here in Los Angeles California and we are in spring season. Today we are reviewing these solar string lights I bought from Amazon. Now, let me make this clear; this is not an sponsored video, I bought these lights with […]

Terrific Trees: A SciShow #TeamTrees Compilation

Hey everybody, got a special video for you today. I, you may not know this, love trees they’re tall and they’re skinny just like me and they do so much for us from making oxygen so we can breathe to cooling urban environments with their shade the literally holding the ground together to prevent erosion […]

Seasons and the Sun: Crash Course Kids 11.1

[INTRO MUSIC] Winter, spring, summer, fall, Seasons, I just love them all. Other than inspiring me to make up goofy poetry, why wouldn’t you love the seasons? There’s always something to look forward to! You already know that summer means long days of fun in the sun, and winter means shorter days. Not to mention […]