Electric Kiwi – Everything is awesome in your free hour of power

Come on kids! Come on! Some days things just don’t go to plan You can do it dad! But us Kiwis find a way to make everything awesome anyway We’re here! Who’s hungry! Even when we leave the Chilly at home Electric Kiwi customers get an hour of free off-peak power every day and everything […]

Electric Batman Tumbler Part 2 – First Test Drive

Hey Guys, so weve been working hard on the Batman Tumbler for the past few weeks now and its finally ready for the first test drive. Dont forget to follow us on social media if you guys want to see updates in between videos, because we post pictures all the time. Links are in the […]

Ever Seen A Futuristic Electric Beam?

This might be the coolest lighter in the world… That’s the claim. The ‘Plazmatic X’, From a company called ‘Elementium Lighter’. They say the most badass lighter in the world. Now right about now, you’re wondering, What makes a badass lighter? I don’t get it, doesn’t it just light, or not light? Not so much! […]


– Jeez! Quite a toy! What did you make the gallows for? – Never show a fool a half-done job! – Chief, do you understand anything on this drawing? – I don’t, do you? – Well, I think the main component of this flying saucer is these creatures: “Doc” and “Chief” …

Slower Than a Turtle – The Speed of Electricity

Hello I’m Daven Hiskey and you are watching the Today I Found Out Youtube channel. In the video today we’re looking at the surprisingly slow speed of electricity. Let’s get started. You may be surprised to learn that electrons flow through a typical copper wire much slower than a turtle walks. Each wire that conducts […]

How Many Hamsters Do You Need to Power a House and Would This Be Cheaper Than Coal Power?

While the question of hamsters powering homes may seem a bit farcical, it should be noted that at one point humans did specifically breed a certain type of dog for the sole purpose of it just walking along at a steady pace on a giant wheel… (See our article The Curious Tale of Turnspit Dogs.) […]

Incredible Cob House Tour – A Sustainable Green Building

hey everyone we’re here on main island in British Columbia and we’re checking out the Cobb cottage this is a two-story 800 square foot cottage and it was built with Cobb which is a fantastic natural building material and Cobb is just a simple mixture of sand clay and straw this is the very first […]

Amazing Isolated Houses Hidden in the World

– [Narrator] Don’t you ever wish you were rich enough to have a home so isolated it took you hours or even days to get somewhere to buy groceries? Maybe you’re more of the type to surround yourself with groups of people. Whichever you are, you’ll be amazed at how incredibly remote some of these […]

Van Life Tour – Solar Powered Off-Grid Camper Van on a Budget

in this video we’re giving you a tour of our budget campervan conversion for the past three years and the summers we’ve been using this campervan to live in to work and to travel it’s a 2002 Ford e-150 and we bought it originally for $5,000 Canadian when we first got it it was just […]