Comparison of Permanent Magnet Electric Motor Technology

AVID Technology designs and manufactures highly efficient and power dense motors and control electronics for a wide range of applications. From electric and hybrid vehicles to industrial robotics. This video sets out to explain the key permanent magnet motor variants and where they might be used. Radial flux motors are by far the most common […]

High Power & Torque Density EVO Electric Motors

Avid Technology is pleased to present the EVO electric machines One of the most reliable, power and torque-dense machines on the market. At the heart of the EVO motor is a patented composite rotor This rotor is embedded with permanent magnets They are held in place by a high-strength carbon fibre tape Due to it’s […]

1930,s Wincharger wind turbine beats solar panels | Missouri Wind and Solar

This is a 1930 1200 watt Wincharger. Dennis has had some trouble, anyways, the blade got busted. You see the two small arms that stick out the side? Those are actually the brake and when it gets to a certain RPM those arms extend out, is that right Dennis? Yeah, they’ll open up to the […]