Delantal Perasjeta – Summer / Electricity (VIDEOCLIP)

you and me are 🎶 the kind of people who don’t need to go outside 🎶 but in summertime i’d 🎶 like to dance with you till we both loose our minds 🎶 couse you got me with your spell 🎶 i can’t even hold my breath 🎶 baby you look me like oh 🎶 […]

Silk City, Diplo, Mark Ronson ft. Dua Lipa – Electricity (Audio)

falling into you baby even actress 30 con competitor I feel when I’m with you Oh baby given the my cups for you now I’m see-through you give me a fear feeling so strong I know you’ve been treating treating yourself from something for you I love you differently I’ll give you electricity give it […]