Solar Panel Review – Portable backpacking phone charger

hi I’m Joanne with Broadcast Sunny and I’m reviewing the solar phone recharger buy Goal 0 this is the nomad 7. I’m not getting paid for this review nor got anything from the company. I doubt they even though I am doing this review. What’s included? Magnetic, to let it, let it hold. Solar panels […]

2 MONTH PHOTOGRAPHY EXPEDITION – the equipment I bring | camera gear, solar power, camping gear etc.

This is such an incredible feeling. It’s almost two and a half months since I left my home to go on this photography… expedition to Ellesmere Island in Canada. And now I’m standing here on my way home… and in less than… like four days…. I’ll be back home in Denmark on my little farm… […]

MINI batería externa RAVpower 6700mAh MelonTech

We will have not allways cell signal, but I think, its very important to bring your phone Bring it charged Think where can you charge it Or bring a power bank with you I had this app installed Will put the name on the screen Since last phone updated, each time I open the app […]

4 DAY SOLO WINTER CAMPING AND WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – off grid adventure behind the scenes in Norway

Oh This is… amazing. I have musk oxen in front of me and I have musk oxen in the background. It’s SO beautiful. But it wasn’t easy to get here. I’ve spent three days hiking around this area looking for the musk oxen and now I’ve found them less than one hour… like I have […]

REVIEW – Cheap 10W USB Solar Panel

Hey so on this trip I’ve been using this Lixada 10 watt solar panel to charge my stuff it’s got just one USB port I think it’s rated at 1.2 amps so I charged this little five thousand milliamp hour battery with that and direct sunlight it takes you know all day six eight hours […]