Top 10: Best Portable Power Stations of 2019 / Best Portable Solar Generators, Backup Power Supply

strong reliable portable power is a must for your upcoming vacations travel and outdoor activities the aim top 300 watt portable power station is the solution for your remote power needs for virtually all of your devices and appliances it’s easy to use and recharge and requires no maintenance and no gasoline it’s perfect to […]

Why Did Microsoft Put a Data Center Underwater?

“Cloud computing” has been a buzzword for a few years now, it’s the term for when software, data storage, and processing is handled remotely in a server somewhere rather than on the local device you’re on. Despite its lofty name though, it doesn’t take place up in some mystical cloud, but rather inside a mundane […]

Can Tesla Rebuild Puerto Rico Power Grid? (Sí Se Puede)

– Hurricanes Irma and Maria have devastated Puerto Rico. Elon Musk offered to help, and in a few short weeks, they’ve already installed a new sustainable energy system for Hospital del Niño, in San Juan, that’s the Children’s Hospital, Elon called this “The first of many solar and battery projects going live in Puerto Rico.” […]