Part 3: Complete OFF Grid Home Using ONLY 8 Solar Panels DIY Tutorial! Beginner to Advance Course

Hi TeamKB, As you can see behind me this is a freshly built home. It has never been powered by JPS (Jamaica Public Service Company). And we have taken it completely off the grid. So this home is fully powered by renewable energy. So it has 8 solar panels and 1 wind turbine. And this […]

Step by Step Solar Panel Installation Training Course

Hi Guys! Welcome to our Series Step by Step Solar. It is an online course dedicated to teaching you, yes you, How you can make money in the solar installation industry. We will be taking you from Step by Step through safety, through the different tools that you will need to have, through preparing for […]

How to install wind & solar 5 simple steps. Jamaica Off Grid #3

Hi #TeamKB, in this video I will show you five simple steps to stop paying monthly energy bills. I will include all the major materials you will nee and discuss the cost for a basic solar system. Most companies may NOT want you to know that you install a system by yourself with a little […]

Step by Step Solar Panels & 1 Wind turbine powers Jamaican Home with 2 refrigerators & more

TeamKB, Its a beautiful day her in Trelawny (Jamaica) and if anybody knows anything about Trelawny on a Sunday evening is that its a lot of church music and a lot of Oldies but Goodies playing in the community and right now the place is just dead silent you can feel the silence and that […]

Part 5: Step by Step Solar Panel System components for Beginner to paid solar professional Course

Both: Hi Guys! Kimroy: Welcome back to another video in our educational series: Step by Step Solar A series dedicated to teaching you how to make money from the solar industry In this episode guys I will be doing an overview of all the components in a solar system Mrs. Bailey is very green to […]