Ohio Subsidy Sausage

As the old saying goes, politics is a lot like making sausage. It’s messy, ugly, and watching it being made can turn your stomach. The people of Ohio recently witnessed a sausage-o-rama of energy policymaking. And a lot of people want the smelly pork sent back to the factory in Columbus. HB-6 as it’s known […]

Why Private Investment Works & Govt. Investment Doesn’t

In 2011, a solar power company called Solyndra declared bankruptcy. A company going bankrupt is not news. But Solyndra was not just any company. Its biggest “investor” was the federal government which had given it $500 million dollars. That was news. But, really, it shouldn’t have been. If history is any guide, it was quite […]

How Germany Became Europe’s Richest Country

bjbjLULU JUDY WOODRUFF: And to Europe’s debt crisis. Negotiations are going down to the wire on yet another bailout for Greece, one that would require German help. From Germany, Margaret Warner reports on some of the people who help make it Europe’s richest country. MARGARET WARNER: The Restaurant Dionysos was packed on a recent night, […]