New renewable energy to be cheaper than coal in 2020: OECD

The debate over what role Korea’s central bank should play in the process of corporate restructuring is heating up. Facing pressure from the government to step up its part in tackling corporate debt, the Bank of Korea seems to be engaged in a careful act of balancing. For details we turn to Hwang Ji-hye Corporate […]

Best Waterproof Solar Power Bank – A MUST for Survival Kits!

– I have the best deal on a personal generator and power bank… – To charge all of your tech. – And I’m giving one away for free. (bright electronic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt Granat. – And I’m the deal guy’s sister, Michelle Granat. – Yes! That’s my sister. And my […]

The Continued Rise of Renewable Energy

With increasing global demand in renewable energy, where are the best opportunities for companies going forward? I’m Peter Wilson, and I’m joined today by John McCann. John is a managing director in the Global Power and Utilities Group at Barclays Investment Bank and has over 15 years of power experience in investment banking and consulting. […]

A look inside another solar USB power bank.

Another of these solar powered USB power banks.. well, solar rechargable but also rechargable from a standard USB power supply And this particular one, I bought it from a UK seller called.. “etang_uk” etang. I’m guessing its a Chinese seller and it, the £5 price seemed quite cheap for a 5000 milliAmphour bank, and I […]

Geek – Gearbest – 30000mAh Dual USB solar power bank [ENG subs]

Hi everyone, welcome to the Lair today I’ll talk about… wait… darn, the battery is flat ! Hi everyone, welcome to the Lair today I’ll talk about… hello Ding here hello, hellooo come on no battery ! I’m fed up, let’s go ! Who never happened to be out of battery, whether on Airsoft war, […]