TorqAmp 48V Electric Turbo Supercharger at SEMA 2019

all right so I’m here at SEMA 2018 I’m in the new products booth and something here it caught my eye we’re talking with yelkur hoop star that’s my name from another one’s yeah that’s correct what’s this product you have here well we made the tour camp on the tour camp is an electric […]

Self Balancing, 2-Wheel, Smart Electric Scooter, “Hoverboard” REVIEW

So this thing is awesome It’s a self balancing, two wheeled, electric scooter Think of it like a “mini-segway”, just no handle bar I’m going to give you a quick unboxing, how to ride, and my review. So let’s jump right in!

Container Home With Solar Power System | Tiny House Interiors

Container Home With Solar Power System A small solar-powered city popped up in Poland – but it isn’t your typical town, because it’s made entirely of used shipping containers. The city was designed by architects Agnieszka Owsiany, Adam Wiercinski, Borys Wrzeszcz as an informal space for exhibitions, workshops and community events in Poznań. The project […]

solar stick extrusion 2018 In a dry climate you can melt pe and pp by solar power.

parabolic mirrors 2000 watts take out after cooling hydraulic jack 4 tons 200 degrees celsius … it took 40 minutes to melt this works in a dry climate with continuous sunshine it takes 2 joule to heat 1 gram of polyethylen just one degree.