Graphene: Energy

We’re working on experiments that we hadn’t even thought of 10 years ago, even 5 years ago Graphene throws up all sorts of new challenges for completely new types of science to do. It’s hard to think of another type of material in which you would have those sorts of challenges thrown up on a […]

Batteries That Charge in Seconds | Last for Days

Hi everyone, this is Sira, and you’re watching Tech for Luddites. Batteries, everyone loves them. They’re so cool. Much geometrical extremely chemical, And quite grey. I have been getting lots of requests to cover battery technology in the comments recently. Can I just ask… why? Is a 5000maH battery, that charges fully in 25 minutes […]

Could Tesla Kill the Grid?

– Recently, I saw Matt Farah on The Joe Rogan podcast and in his description of the Porsche Taycan, he had a little side note that he was concerned about the infrastructure in Los Angeles and whether or not it would support 100% of people in LA going electric. Now, before I had any time […]

Does a Better Tesla App Exist? Tezlab Pro Review

San Bernardino California Solar Batteries and Solar Energy Storage | AmpSun Energy

Solar Batteries & Solar Energy Storage in San Bernardino CA

Q&A: Dyson’s Singapore electric car plan

So one of the main reasons is that Singapore is part of the Asean trading bloc, which has a free trade agreement with China, which is the world’s largest automotive market. And clearly, Dyson sees that as a target for its sales. Dyson already manufactures all its domestic appliances in Asia, and it has a […]

Солнечные батареи Hevel и российские реалии//Russian solar cells (Hevel company), ENGLISH SUBS

Yes, these solar batteries are produced by Hevel. The company is based at Novoceboksarsk (Chuvashia, Russia). The plant actually produces the following (showed the picture) 60-cell modules. Basically it’s a standard product. Roughly speaking, the glass base. Respectively inside the cell. Cells can be installed from the inside as well as from the outside. They […]

First Ride Inside Mercedes Electric Car!

From Shells to Solar Cells

[MUSIC PLAYING] I really appreciate beautiful structures that organisms make that become shells, but what about a semiconductor? What about a battery? What about something that’s more useful to me? My name’s Angela Belcher and I’m a professor of biological engineering, material science engineering, and the Cancer Institute at MIT. The focus of my work […]

Make your own “Powerwall” (Big LiFePO4 Battery Pack!)

As you might know the electrical energy in my garage is created by solar energy which on the other hand is getting stored in a big and heavy lead acid battery. Only problem is that the original capacity of this battery decreased noticeable over time. That is why I have been searching for more modern […]