Generate your own solar power and use it effectively

[Music] This is the house where the Reinhardt family lives. Since 2013, they have been operating their own PV system, because they are real fans of solar power. It runs in the family. We first opted for a PV system back in 2004 that we installed on a larger roof space, and we saw that […]

The Solar Energy Innovation Network

The entire paradigm around electricity delivery is changing very, very quickly. Utilities are grappling with how to incorporate and integrate a variety of new technologies and by equipping stakeholders with the information they need to make those decisions in real time is extremely important. The Solar Energy Innovation Network is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder initiative, supported […]

Maximising Solar Power Systems With Self Consumption or Battery Storage

Hi I’m Kristy from my solar quotes. So you’re thinking about or perhaps already invested in a solar power system? Utilizing the solar power system to its full extent means installing solar batteries or maximizing solar power self consumption. So what is solar power self consumption and how do you increase it? Should you install […]

Tony Seba: Clean Disruption – Energy & Transportation

I want to take into the future of energy and transportation and when I say future I don’t mean fifty years from now I mean five years years from now but before I do that I want to take you into the past this is New York City 1900 is the parade we used horses […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Panel System Components

[long note] -[Thomas Jenkins] Many homeowners have heard about solar energy and are interested in solar energy, and this is a what’s called a photovoltaic system, photovoltaic indicating that the sunlight is converted directly to electricity through these what’s called PV, photovoltaic panels. And this is a demonstration system that would, in affect, showcase all […]

Kidston Solar Project: Australia’s renewable energy world-first

Got a job, how ’bout that hey? (laughs) An old mine site, it’s really condemned, to have no use except to just be an old scar on the landscape Somebody says, oh there’s going to be a solar farm up in Kidston, and then you go, gotta be a joke isn’t it? (laughs) and then […]

Schaltbau – Contactors and safety switches for solar energy, wind power and energy storage

renewable energy will shape our future at SCHALTBAU we manufacture switchgear for the energy transition. Why? To provide you with benefits and greater safety. As a long-standing specialist for DC and AC applications you benefit from our experience with solar energy, wind power and energy storage. Thanks to our high quality switchgear solutions. Snap action […]

The Problem with Too Much Solar Energy and its Solution

hi John Loveless here so solar power is really cool I am just a huge fan of solar but it’s not without its problems and there’s some engineering challenges that have to be addressed if it’s going to be adopted widely take for example my solar array that I have on my roof right now […]

Battery Storage Systems

Intro music. Hi and welcome to another episode of Smarter Energy. This time we’ll be looking at one of the most exciting and revolutionary advances in energy consumption… battery storage systems. If you’ve got solar panels at your place or you’re thinking about getting solar, battery storage systems offer many great benefits. So, how do […]

Battery storage lets you sell energy during peak-hours! [Returns of up to 53% on your solar panels]

If you purchased solar panels you should know the benefits of adding battery storage and your options traditionally utility rates have risen every year it’s critical that solar systems be paired with energy storage to maximize your savings by adding energy storage to your solar system you can ensure that you’re protected against utility rate […]