Tesla Super Batteries: Millions of Miles – Fast Charge – Light Weight

If you’ve got a 250 mile range pack you need four thousand cycles. It’s very achievable. We already do that with a stationary storage solutions like PowerPack. We already deploy PowerPack with 4000 cycle life capability. Hey this is Warren Redlich. Let’s talk about Tesla’s upcoming super battery! Ultra super crazy awesome battery – Coming […]

What is SOC, SOH, SOP, C rate | What to check in a battery while selecting?

Hey guys, last time we covered up the type of batteries and working of Li-ion batteries, please check out that video before starting this, the link is in description, In this video, we are going to see: Parameters of battery based on what a battery is selected for our Electric vehicle which are state of […]

Your Tesla Model Y Questions Answered!

10 Fastest Electric Cars in the World

Cars with electric motors are marvelous machines that offer several advantages offer combustion powered vehicles. It’s incredible to realize that when a 1.5 ton car accelerate to 60 mph in just a couple seconds, all that horsepower is transmitted through a 1mm “air gap” inside its induction motor with no physical contact. They convert more […]

How to size an Electric vehicle battery for long life?

One of the reason that people do not buy electric vehicle is the anxiety regarding battery, battery life, whether battery will die while they are on the way somewhere and how to recharge and battery life and the recharging requirement depends not so much on the total distance that is travelled but with more respect […]

Batteries That Charge in Seconds | Last for Days

Hi everyone, this is Sira, and you’re watching Tech for Luddites. Batteries, everyone loves them. They’re so cool. Much geometrical extremely chemical, And quite grey. I have been getting lots of requests to cover battery technology in the comments recently. Can I just ask… why? Is a 5000maH battery, that charges fully in 25 minutes […]

Electric Circuits on Paper: The Basics

Hello I am Jared welcome to Fun Science Demos. Do you know in science it has always been really interesting to use electricity and wires to light up a light bulb. But, because of new materials it just got a lot easier using a roll of metal tape that you can find at pretty much […]

Could Tesla Kill the Grid?

– Recently, I saw Matt Farah on The Joe Rogan podcast and in his description of the Porsche Taycan, he had a little side note that he was concerned about the infrastructure in Los Angeles and whether or not it would support 100% of people in LA going electric. Now, before I had any time […]

Exide Solar Battery – 6LMS 150 With C10 Plate, Best option for Home/Office Solar Setup

Exide Solar Battery Model 6LMS 150 is specially replacement warranty is the main highlight of this battery. This can be also designed for solar applications This battery using C10 Plate and Best option for Home/Office Solar Setup 5 year onsite