– Electric cars are taking over! They’re getting nines in the quarter-mile! Oh my God! But how do they work? The electric car might seem like a relatively new fad hitting the car world. But they are actually a lot older than you might think! In 1834, Professor Sibrandus Stratingh of Groningen, Netherlands, and his […]

How environmentally friendly are electric cars, really?

[Common] Get into the guts of a car and you’ll find all those polluting parts. Gas tanks and exhaust systems. But here in a graveyard of cars Maritime auto parts Andrew McDonald is extracting something new. So this is where you keep the batteries? Yeah, we store them here before we ship them out. This […]

Best Electric Cars 2019 (and the ones to avoid) – Top 10s | What Car?

The electric revolution is here! Yes for many years electric cars have been too expensive and simply haven’t had long enough ranges to work for people as everyday cars. Well, this is the year where everything changes – and in this video we’re going to tell you, if you are looking to go for an […]

EBike Battery Pack || DIY or Buy || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 2)

in the last episode of this video series I showed you how to create your own sensored ESC in order to power an electric bike wheel with low voltages but since the achieved rotation speed was too slow and not many people want to create their own ESC for an E-bike conversion let’s rather switch […]

Why it’s hard to sell electric cars

[David Common] These are the converts. Drivers who’ve gone electric and never plan to go back. They’re quiet, they’re quick. Also a better drive. [Common] What’s the t-shirt say? It says, I miss gas stations… said no EV owner ever. [Common] You own an EV, you own an EV? They’re preaching to the curious. Busting […]

Electric bikes: everything you need to know

(upbeat remixed music) – So we here at The Verge love electric rideables. Hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, unicycles, tricycles, you name it, we’ve ridden it. But I’m here to tell you why I think electric bikes in particular are more than just a fun tech fad. I think they could actually be the future […]

Ion drive: The first flight

The future of flight shouldn’t be things with propellers and turbines and should be more like what you see in Star Trek; with a kind of blue glow and something that silently glides through the air. When I got an appointment at University I thought well, now I’ve got the opportunity to explore this and […]

Top 5 Solar Gadgets 2017 P2 | Solar System In A Box | Solar panels of future

hello products are shown in no particular order to know more links in the description below sit back and enjoy number one on list Oh ah Oh number two Solar paper is super small and slim so you can conveniently carry the solar paper when traveling or even in daily life a new solar energy […]

How to power the world from clean renewable energy sources. It can be done!

We can power the world from clean, renewable energy sources. We don’t need fossil fuels. This video explains the details of how we achieve this See part 1 of this play-list for a brief overview Moving to a cleaner renewable world needs political will, and investment.