Is the Zaigle Grill the Best Way to Do Korean Barbecue at Home? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

[In Korean] – Hello! Today’s gadget is Zaiglet Everyday Grill [in English] and this costs $190. I am thrilled today to test this gadget because this guy is the newest and the hottest Korean barbecue at home gadget. With Korean barbecue at home, usually it’s a butane burner. It’s like a pan that kinda looks […]

Starting FIRES With Electricity ⚡🔥

What’s up guys welcome back it is summertime and that means summertime grilling so for this video I thought it might be fun to try messing around with barbecue charcoal and high voltage electricity now for this experiment today I’m bringing back my neon sign Transformer this lovely little unit converts house power to Twelve […]

Ms Yeah- Answers to 30 Questions | Ms Yeah

Hi, everyone. I’m Ms Yeah. I promised you to record this video before. My colleagues helped me to select these 30 questions. So, let’s start. Re… Rezzar? Oh, sorry. I don’t know if I pronounce (it right). “How do you keep a straight face…” “Your face looks so cold…” Ummmmm… Really? I don’t think so. […]

E26 Cooking pot-stewed meat with a satellite and solar energy | Ms Yeah

Hẹn gặp em trên tầng thượng Lu nhờ anh đưa cho em bông hoa này Nó thích em lắm, cho nó một cơ hội đi haizzz.Buồn quá, cứ tưởng hắn ta thích mình