Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Plant Pakistan

Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Plant Pakistan Little bilham hydropower project to the world class facility they developed by the lizard tail of hydropower country under the mountain with overburden bridges from 800 meters to do pass division Waters of the river Needham having gathered at available ads arena bag through a complex tunnel system of the […]

Solar Independence Day – Dunsfold Park

I’m mark Turner and I’m the operations director for Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited What we’ve been doing here today is opening the Dunsfold solar park up to the general public so that then they can understand what it is that we do when we build a solar farm what impact that has on the land […]

[Mirzapur News] The inauguration of Solar Power Plant in Mirzapur / THE NEWS INDIA

In the faterea village of Kodinar, the female leopards have given birth to two newborn babies in the sugarcane wound … the same has been caused by the arrival of the second and leopard and there has been a stroke in the area around Kassoon and nearby areas. In the faterea village of Kodinar, the […]