Bill Morrison | Electricity — Behind the scenes

I wouldn’t call it modern material but it is, in some ways, dealing with a modern theme, a theme that we still are all quite beholden to: energy, power, electricity, how we make it work for us. I think that it heralds a new age that we all can identify with. This material was an […]

2 MONTH PHOTOGRAPHY EXPEDITION – the equipment I bring | camera gear, solar power, camping gear etc.

This is such an incredible feeling. It’s almost two and a half months since I left my home to go on this photography… expedition to Ellesmere Island in Canada. And now I’m standing here on my way home… and in less than… like four days…. I’ll be back home in Denmark on my little farm… […]

Charging Batteries in the Field | USB Power Pack & Solar Panel for Wildlife Photography Trips

Damn it! We need to talk about how to keep things charged in the field Right just making a quick video talking about how I keep equipment charged up when out in the field doing wildlife photography while I absolutely love the Nikon Z7 it really does chew through batteries at a rate that my […]

SVALBARD Photo Adventure – part 3 | remote solo camping and bird photography behind the scenes

It’s 10 past 4 in the morning, and I was woken up by the wind and the rain. I thought, if I get up early I could maybe do a timelapse, or something with the sunrise, but it does not sound like a beautiful, quiet sunrise with golden light. It sounds grey. So, I might […]

4 DAY SOLO WINTER CAMPING AND WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – off grid adventure behind the scenes in Norway

Oh This is… amazing. I have musk oxen in front of me and I have musk oxen in the background. It’s SO beautiful. But it wasn’t easy to get here. I’ve spent three days hiking around this area looking for the musk oxen and now I’ve found them less than one hour… like I have […]

Space: The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

This video was made possible by Away. Get $20 off your Away suitcase by going to and using the code “wendover” at checkout. And quickly, once you’ve finished this video there are two others to watch, both where I appear on camera for the first time—a behind the scenes video on my brand new […]


With The Martian out now, let’s take a look at 15 things you probably didn’t know about Ridley Scott’s big-screen adaptation of Andy Weir’s best-selling book. Director Ridley Scott didn’t want to rely on visual effects for the sandstorm scene, and wanted to make it feel real for the actors and audience, so giant fans […]