Why Mr Deepak & family adopted solar power at their home | 5 kWp On-grid Solar | Bangalore, India

My name is Deepak…lived in Bangalore all along. And..currently we live here in Banaswadi, and I got to work near the airport. I work with an energy company called Shell. See, solar..was not something we thought of in isolation. Given the urban environment that we live in, and we see that there is a lot […]

BESCOM Online Electricity Bill Payment in 10 Seconds!

Pay your BESCOM (Bangalore Elcetricity) Bill in 10 Seconds. Enter BESCOM account ID to check current month’s bill. The due amount will be displayed if your bill is generated. Enter Bank details to proceed. Done! You have successfully paid your BESCOM Bill.

Why did we Adopt Solar Power at Our Home? | Solarify | Bengaluru, India

Maybe as I grew up right, that was always there, I always wanted to give something back to the society. I thought this was one of the ways to do it. There’s always this guilt when you build a house I mean just if you’re living normally right? There’s always this guilt that you’re just […]

Why you can and should trust solar energy start-ups | Bangalore, India

We will start with a small prayer.. These are the 12 names of the Sun God. We are happy to generate our own electricity. Thanks to the Solar energy and everyone at Solarify. See how do you learn swimming? You go into the water, take a dip, struggle, and then only swimming. If you say […]