Patriot Power Cell | The Ultimate Solar Gadget

Hey it’s Danielle with 4Patriots and today I’m going to unbox the Patriot Power Cell Now I’m really excited to unbox the Patriot Power Cell because it’s one of my favorite products that we sell it’s this great little tool that you can charge it up and then you can take it with you and […]

Best Power Bank Chargers in 2020!!

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✅ TOP 5: Best Power Bank 2019

Are you looking for the best power bank? In this video we’ll break down the top power banks available whilst comparing them for price versus performance. Before we get started with our video detailing the best power banks on the market, we have included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure […]

Best Waterproof Solar Power Bank – A MUST for Survival Kits!

– I have the best deal on a personal generator and power bank… – To charge all of your tech. – And I’m giving one away for free. (bright electronic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt Granat. – And I’m the deal guy’s sister, Michelle Granat. – Yes! That’s my sister. And my […]

24000mah Solar Power Bank | ToughTested Bigfoot Power Bank

today we’re taking a look at an absolute monster of a power bank the tough tested Bigfoot 24,000 milliamps ruggedized and solar power but before we do that I just want to say that if this is your first time to the channel welcome to Plug & Play if you like this video and you […]

How To Jump Start A Car With A Mobile Power Bank Charger ► The Deal Guy

– Today’s 70% off – You’re new high-tech best friend (electricity sparking) (high-energy music) – Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one stop shop for savings. – And I’m Rosaline, floor director. – A very popular individual on this chanel. And in your hands right now. An amazing power-bank that’s […]