🎸 Should you buy a £60 Electric Guitar??? Glarry Stratocaster Copy for $60! 🎸

it’s a 60 pound guitar fully shipped and delivered to your door any good let’s find out Ninh explains should you buy a 60 pound guitar holy crap you’re making another guitar video yeah guys sorry is taking years to make another guitar video my youtube channel is an educational one and the sports things […]

How To Get Best Online Electricity Bill Payment Offers | Electricity Bill Payment Offers 2019

How To Get Best Online Electricity Bill Payment offers

Blind Kitty enjoys playing fetch

Blind Kitty enjoys playing fetch How to draw a bamboo Most birds don’t have/need visible ear parts because of ‘feather acoustics’. Anamorphic Artwork The house that grew trees from its remains 89 year old farmer was having trouble getting into his tractor. His son built him a lift so that he could keep doing what […]

Day 69: Electricity From Air

Hey guys! And welcome to Goodness! Today’s Goodness is about a generator that produces electricity from air! Or more accurately, fluctuations of temperature in the air! Researchers from MIT have created a thermal resonator that harnesses the movement of energy and particles when temperatures change which means they can create electricity just by putting the […]

Ever Seen A Futuristic Electric Beam?

This might be the coolest lighter in the world… That’s the claim. The ‘Plazmatic X’, From a company called ‘Elementium Lighter’. They say the most badass lighter in the world. Now right about now, you’re wondering, What makes a badass lighter? I don’t get it, doesn’t it just light, or not light? Not so much! […]

Electric Skateboard SPEED TEST!! ⚡


♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today you’ll be eating this. – What is that? Is this something like it looks so innocent it’s gonna be disgusting? – It looks like it could be for tea or something? – It looks like fairy food. Or maybe it’s from a tree. I’m really looking […]


The Best Value Pickups for Electric Guitar or Bass – Cheap & Awesome!

So guys, are you looking to upgrade your pickups but don’t have the money for Seymour Duncan’s and DiMarzio’s? This video tutorial will tell you; what the best value pickups are on the market, where to get them from, and also what are the best value pots, capacitors, and whatever. So stick around, this might […]

Giant Magic Tracks Electric Car Bridge Across The Water!