A young scientist’s quest for clean water | Deepika Kurup

Every summer, my family and I travel across the world, 3,000 miles away to the culturally diverse country of India. Now, India is a country infamous for its scorching heat and humidity. For me, the only relief from this heat is to drink plenty of water. Now, while in India, my parents always remind me […]

Accelerating the shift to clean energy | Bill Nussey | TEDxPeachtree

Translator: Analia Padin Reviewer: Maricene Crus What If I told you we could dramatically accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels towards clean energy – (Cheering) Yeah! – (Applause) and at the same time cut our future electricity bills by literally hundreds of billions of dollars. And I need a clicker! (Laughter) We are going […]