Solar System: Top 2 Big Mistakes When Buying Solar!

do, todo . . . Oh Big Mistake! These are the top two big mistakes that most people make when buying a brand new solar system. The number one mistake that most people make when they buy a brand new solar system, is they don’t get a system that is big enough for their usage. […]

Solar Power: Solar For The Home Based Business!

Once upon a time, in a fairytale land very much like this one, was a man with a dream to get solar power! I’m a fairly heavy user of electricity unfortunately because I run a small business from home. Well I do a picture framing business, I started it over 15 years ago, so I’ve […]

Solar Panels: Why Paul Chose Canadian ELPS Solar Panels!

Wow, what a view of Niagara Falls! I have several boarders in the house and they obviously use a fair bit of power and it’s just generally high! As power goes up or costs go up, I was expecting my power bills to increase quite substantially. My power bills were approximately $2,000 – $2,500 per […]

Solar Power Beats Rising Electricity Prices!

Making News Today! Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Split! Ohhhh! Been reading the news lately? What a surprise that power prices make the headlines again! Here’s an article I found in The Advertiser on Wednesday, page 18. Power prices are on the way up again! The article says that we can expect to pay another […]

Teaching Solar Energy To Kids – Greenwith Primary School!

Ok kids, time for some maths! 1 + 1=SOLAR! Basically we’re running out of oil, so everybody knows what oil is right? Well oil is used to convert into petrol and we put petrol in the cars so we drive around and do all sorts of different things we want to do. The problem is […]