Meet the Man Who Built His Own Power Plant

(uplifting music) – [Narrator] Most of rural Kenya doesn’t have access to electricity. This means the evenings are full of darkness. Here, families rely on kerosene lamps, which are expensive and produce harmful fumes. John Wangare wanted to change that. – My name is John Margiro Wangare. I am the found of Magiro Mini Hydroelectric. […]

How a 16-Year-Old Is Leading a Global Climate Movement

(slow classical music) – [Woman] Greta is a 16-year-old girl who has inspired thousands maybe even millions of people to stand up for both themselves and the climate. – [Girl] She thought everything was going in the wrong direction. And now she’s become a really big role model for a lot of people. – [Girl] […]

How Solar Energy Is Bringing Power Back to Puerto Rico

(somber music) – The Hurricane Maria was devastating. It took out the entire island in every way imaginable. There was no electricity. There was no water. There was no gasoline. It was chaos. It was utter chaos. We can no longer rely on large fossil fuel-burning power plants distributing energy and wires that are just […]

Circling the Globe in a Solar-Powered Plane

(upbeat music) – There are so many people in life, they forget to dream, because they’re afraid of going out of their comfort zone. – [Narrator] 13 years ago, two enterprising pilots shared a dream to achieve the impossible. Their goal? To build the first solar-powered plane to fly around the world, ushering in an […]