Kobra Seated Electric Scooter! (Falcon PEV)

today we’re checking out the Cobra electric scooter from Falcon pev stylish comfortable seated and powerful let’s check it out I’m Ben from authentech, and huge thanks to those guys at Falcon for sponsoring today’s video starting with a quick unboxing it was shipped right to my front door and honestly not a lot of […]

Why electric scooters are illegal in New York and London

– So I’ve always been a cyclist who hated electric scooters, until I went to Berlin. (upbeat music) So, I was sold on the idea of getting an electric scooter but when I got back to London, I hit a little bit of a snag. It turns out, scooters are essentially illegal to use here […]

Electric scooters may not be around for long…

– Electric scooters! Love them or hate them, they’re everywhere now. Shareable electric scooters can be found in most American cities. And they’re quickly expanding around the world to cities like Paris, Vienna, Madrid, and Tel Aviv. Scooter-sharing has been one of the biggest tech crazes of the last year with venture capitalists pouring more […]

This goofy bird vs. the fossil fuel industry

These people are on a pilgrimage. They’re in one of the most remote parts of the United States, to see something spectacular that happens every year. An icon of the American West. This is a sage grouse. And this is its mating dance. The sage grouse once numbered in the millions across this entire region. […]

This monster plant is trying to take over. What if we let it?

(electronic music) – [Narrator] So this, believe it or not, is Silicon Valley. That’s Facebook’s headquarters there, like 15 hundred feet away, but a lot of the valley looks like this, marshland and empty wasteland. But there’s actually this big messy story happening right here in the middle of nowhere. It’s a story about humans […]

Are perpetual motion machines possible?

[MUSIC PLAYING] What if I told you I built a machine that creates energy? My ingenious design works like this. As the wheel turns, the coins fall in the slots so that one side of the wheel is always heavier than the other, which would keep pulling that side down, and the wheel would never […]