Black Holes are WAY Smaller than You Think

Hi, everybody, this is black hole M87. NGC 4486 or Virgo A, it’s a supermassive black hole and the first ever seen by our jelly-filled light buckets. Virgo a is six and a half million times more massive than our Sun. But like, how big is it not like how massive but like how large […]

Physics All Around Us, with Neil deGrasse Tyson | StarTalk Full Episode

– This is StarTalk. I’m Neil deGrasse Tyson, your personal astrophysicist. I hail from the American Museum of Natural History right here in New York City, where I serve as Director of the Hayden Planetarium. And today we’ve got a Cosmic Queries edition of StarTalk, with my co-host Chuck Nice. – Hey, Neil. – Chuck, […]

The first image of a black hole: A three minute guide

This is the first direct image ever taken of a black hole, courtesy of the Event Horizon Telescope. Creating this image required more data than any other scientific experiment in history. So how did they do it? Up until now most measurements of black holes were indirect, like this time lapse of stars at the […]

Surprising Ways the Solar System Could End | Unveiled

The Surprising Ways the Solar System Could End Our planet has gone through a number of mass extinctions, yet somehow life has managed to survive. But the Earth is only one small part of the solar system as a whole… and it would take a lot more than a single stray meteor to threaten the […]

What is a Black Hole? – Stephen Hawking’s final theory

We want to thank Google’s science journal app for supporting PBS Digital Studios black holes they’re weird In a recent paper about them seems to me to be the strangest one yet black holes might be covered in hair I’m Diana you’re watching physics girl It’s been a while since I made a YouTube video […]

NASA | Blazar Bonanza

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Narrator: Parkes 1441+25 is a distant galaxy powered by a supermassive black hole. It’s so far away its light takes more than half the current age of the universe to reach us. This is NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, our sharpest satellite eyes on the gamma-ray sky. But Fermi’s effective collecting […]

Scientists Just Detected Two Supermassive Black Holes on a Collision Course

Supermassive black holes are thought to be at the center of most galaxies, and they are huge. The Milky Way’s own supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*, is about 4 million times the mass of our sun. But scientists have just spotted two absolute behemoths, that dwarf Sagittarius A*, and they are on a collision course. […]

The Largest Black Holes in the Universe (VERSION ONE)

We’ve never seen them directly, yet we know they are there, Lurking within dense star clusters, Or wandering the dust lanes of the galaxy, Where they prey on stars, Or swallow planets whole. Our Milky Way may harbor millions of these black holes, the ultra dense remnants of dead stars. But now, in the universe […]

5 Experiments that Could have Destroyed the World

Dark 5 präsentiert 5 Experimente, die die Welt zerstört hätten können 5. Die Kola-Bohrung In der arktischen Zone im Nord-Westen Russlands befindet sich das tiefste je in die Erde gebohrte Loch. Sowjetische Wissenschaftler begannen 1970 mit der Bohrung und erreichten schließlich eine Tiefe von 40,230 ft (12,262 m) im Jahre 1989. Die Sowjets wollten durch […]

Why the solar system can exist

Have you ever wondered how the earth stays in orbit around the sun? I mean, the pull of gravity is stronger the closer you are to the sun, so you’d think that if the earth got bumped slightly towards the sun (like, if you jumped, or something), then the sun would pull just a little […]