Why Don’t We Have Water Powered Cars Yet?

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin! Hey there! Welcome to my garage-slash-workshop-slash-Olympic-sized swimming pool room. And it’s the perfect place to work on my new invention, a water-powered car! Well, ok, it’s not *technically* my invention. The idea for water-powered cars has been kicking around for ages. Jules Verne wrote that “water will be the […]

Should We Live On Venus BEFORE Mars?

Hey There! Welcome to Life Noggin! It seems like everyone wants to go to Mars nowadays. The red planet has been all the buzz with organizations like NASA and SpaceX promising to get us there in the next ten-ish years, but there are so many problems with living on Mars. Instead, some experts think we’d […]

Could We Make The Perfect Energy Source?

Hey There! Welcome To Life Noggin! With temperatures rising, forests being destroyed and oceans polluted, we need a clean energy source that wont cause more damage to our fragile planet as you probably know, there is a lot of debate on which energy source is the best. The perfect energy source would be efficient, safe, […]