Why Are Leaves Green? Part 1

You’ve probably learned that leaves are green because they’re full of a green molecule called chlorophyll – it’s the reason for the greenness of plants, from moss-green moss to grass-green grass to ever-green evergreens. And the reason chlorophyll is so incredibly popular–showing up in nearly every plant on Earth–is that it’s good at soaking up […]

MPPT VS PWM || Solar Charge Controller

– Hi there and welcome to my garage which I recently upgraded with a portable type off-grid system. As you might know the heart of the system is this MPPT solar charge controller from Victron Energy which, so far, did the job without a problem. And as a bonus, you can even utilize an app […]

Photovoltaic solar panel installation (in HD)

subtitle Installers have arrived! This little metal piece of aluminum helps keep the rainwater from getting into the shingle where the flange is mounted This is all going very quickly. The crew has been here only about a half an hour and already the mounting flanges and rails… …are on the roof. Now he’s going […]