10 Best Cheap Electric Cars 2020

Cars with electric motors are marvelous machines that offer several advantages offer combustion powered vehicles. They’re more efficient than typical gas powered cars and offer significant cost savings of ownership over the life of the vehicle. Many car manufacturers are focusing their attention on affordable and reliable electric cars that are packed with the latest […]

Electric Vehicle Charging: It’s easier than you think

Perhaps the most worrisome thing about electric cars in the eyes of drivers is charging them. With a conventional vehicle, you stop by a fueling station, go to the pump, swipe your card yada yada and you’re tank is full again in a few minutes. Many people think we need to have a vast charging […]

BMW i3 Electric Cars – PRODUCTION

2020 Mini Electric revealed – everything you need to know | What Car?

This is the all-new, all-electric Mini hatchback, featuring a high-tech interior, a 144-mile range and an eye-catching price. It’s due to arrive in the UK in March next year – and this is everything you need to know about it. Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to our channel to get our videos […]

Best Electric Cars 2019 (and the ones to avoid) – Top 10s | What Car?

The electric revolution is here! Yes for many years electric cars have been too expensive and simply haven’t had long enough ranges to work for people as everyday cars. Well, this is the year where everything changes – and in this video we’re going to tell you, if you are looking to go for an […]

Tesla-powered Porsche 912: vintage meets electric

Five, four, three, two, one. (car engine roaring) (upbeat music) This is a 1968 Porsche 912 powered by a Tesla drivetrain. It’s not just fast; it’s the culmination of a years-long boom in taking vintage cars and retrofitting them with EV technology. It’s the brainchild of two guys: David Bernardo, the founder of Zelectric Motors, […]

Peak Oil News: 4/2/13 BMW I3, Methane Hydrates, Solar in India

this is pigalle news I’m your host mr. ranges are we’re covering peak oil renewable energy electric cars and everything in between more details have emerged regarding BMW’s i3 electric vehicle the pre-production i3s have been built and are being test driven BMW has received several hundred pre-orders even though you can’t take delivery yet […]