Value of the River – Flood Control, Irrigation, Navigation & Recreation

Doug Johnson, Public Affairs Specialist, Bonneville Power Administration: Iím Doug Johnson. Today Iím at Grand Coulee Dam, the nationís largest dam on Americaís fourth-largest river, the Columbia River. Now thereís a reason this damís a big dam ó thereís a lot of water behind it that we can use to produce valuable hydroelectricity, but we […]

SOUL Solar portable solar charger offering a military grade rollable solar panel

charge your gadgets using the power of the Sun with a soul solar scroll portable solar charger featuring a military-grade raw level solar panel this everyday carry comes with an integrated charger for convenient outdoor charging powerful compact and built to last the charging solution is ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping hiking and […]

Lowrance Elite Ti Switching Sonar Modes

Ok guys, so one thing I do want to talk about is this: yes this unit does do CHIRP and yes this unit does do side scan but you can’t run CHIRP and side scan both at the same time. So if I’m up here and I want to put this chart in CHIRP, I […]