North Korea – All the dictator’s men | DW Documentary

this is a country where the war never ended [Music] every morning at exactly 6:00 a.m. loudspeakers across North Korea sound a morning wake-up call featuring the same melody every day a melody familiar from a revolutionary opera it tells the story of a young nurse at the front who has dedicated her life to […]

Top 10 Nuclear Bomb Scenes in Movies

these big-screen teens will make you want to duck and cover welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 nuclear bomb scenes in movies for this list we’re taking a look at the most memorable big-screen scenes that feature nuclear bombs and just so you know there may be […]

Why Only 9 Countries Have Nuclear Weapons (feat. It’s OK to be Smart!)

(light music) – Nuclear weapons, they’re a lot like Pirates of the Caribbean movies. There’s way to many of ’em, we certainly don’t need any more, and if you actually think about what goes into making them, they’re pretty scary. I mean come on, Johnny Depp, I mean the first one was cool, but after […]