*poods find new senpai *or something?* “If only I had a friend…” “… to play with.” Tell me… Baby. Are my chances blown? Why did you have to… leave me… By myself… … Alone … All I want is… You to come back home. “Hey how’s it going bro’s.” “My name is Pew–” “–Eeeewwwww–” “TOP […]

Light of Hope in Cambodia -100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project [Panasonic]

Cambodia experienced years of war and internal conflict. During the Pol Pot era, education was banned. People were deprived of their right to learn, and those who survived could not even read or write. That is why many are having difficulties finding and keeping work. They cannot escape from poverty and create a new life […]

SOLARKIOSK introductory video

When you fly over Africa at night, it’s a dark place. There’s no electricity, there’s no light. And that’s an absurdity because during the day it’s the brightest place that you can possibly think of with so much sunlight. So what we want to do is, we want to capture the sunlight, transform it into […]